Many years of expertise in leadership, management, investment, development (sustainable development, humanitarian, and Peace), IT, education, and entrepreneurship.

Currently holding a lot of high-level positions, Experience of many high-profile positions like chairwoman, CEO, president, vice president and founder for profit companies and nonprofit organizations.

Some positions:

  • President of Capital Investment Holding Group.
  • CEO of $Pay Rem Money Remittances Platform
  • President of American International Education Federation.
  • Chairperson of Security Council and International Forces for development and Peace.
  • Chairwoman of Global Women’s Development Network
  • President of International Human Rights Movements.
  • President of American Group for Conferences, Consultations and Training.
  • President of Buckingham International Corporation. Working globally throughout many organizations emphasizing the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and 2030 agenda. Leading organizations, companies, corporations, and different entities, and leading a huge team around the world, defining strategies and the skills to organize and coach and train teams to have the best performance.

Established a lot of events, profit and nonprofit projects, and conferences as the head of many organizations and under my vision, mentorship, and supervision. Joined many conferences as a mentor, main speaker, and honorary/main guest. Chaired many conferences and projects involving political, scientific, educational, economic, developmental, environmental, and humanitarian fields.

Received and granted many awards, titles, and honorary doctorates including:

  • International Iconic Diva.
  • Iconic Women Leader-2021.
  • Gold Award.
  • Among best Global Humanitarian personality and many others.
  • Honorary Excellence Award.
  • Corona Worrier Award.
  • Golden Peace Shield.
  • International Media Award.
  • Outstanding Environment Award. Additionally, I have been recognized for my work in human rights, peace, and sustainable development projects. Our vision and main goal are shaping our future together to have a better world through unity and start working on the development process, to increase the efficiency, productivity, and creativity locally, regionally, and globally.